Delphi10.2 VCL Forms Application 的构成

[ 2018-11-25 ]

Delphi10.2 项目的构成(File Extensions of Files Generated by RAD Studio)

Step1、打开 Delphi10.2,选择【File | New | VCL Forms Application – Delphi】,创建一个 Delphi 应用程序;

Step2、选择【File | Save All】,将我们的默认Delphi程序保存到一个独立的文件夹(例如 F:\Delphi10.2\First)中;

Step3、在 Project Manager 中的 Build Configurations 和 Target Platforms 选项中分别选择 32位 Debug、32 位 Release、64位 Debug和64位 Release组合,并按【F9】运行我们的程序;


并且 Win32(Win64) 的 Debug(Release) 目录下文件如下:

下面结合 Delphi10.2 的帮助文件说明下每个文件的具体意义:

  • Project1.dpr】Delphi project source; when compiled, produces .exe, .dll, or .ocx file.
  • Project1.dproj】Delphi project file created by the IDE. Contains the current settings for project options, such as compiler and linker settings, directories, conditional directives, and command-line parameters. Set these options using Project > Options. This file is not used when compiling a project from the command line using the command line compiler.
  • Project1.dproj.local】User-specific project options.
  • Project1.identcache】Information used for refactoring.
  • Project1.res】Compiled and uncompiled resource files.
  • Unit1.dfm】A Windows VCL form file.
  • Unit1.pas】Delphi source file.
  • _history 文件夹】 When Tools > Options > Editor Options > Create backup files is enabled, There are now three versions of the file stored in the current directory in a hidden directory named __history.
  • _recovery 文件夹】 When Tools > Options > Environment Options > AutoRecover is enabled, RAD Studio saves the recovery files in the hidden folder called _recovery, in the folder of your project.
  • Win32 文件夹 】Output folder, 32-bit Windows platform
  • Win64 文件夹】 Output folder, 64-bit Windows platform
  • Project1.exe】 应用程序
  • Unit1.dcu】Delphi compiled unit file.